Our Fit

Our organic baby clothing is quite true to weight, and is designed to be form-fitting and tailored to the body. This applies to our babies and older children’s clothing as well. As such, we do not recommend sizing up unless the wearer is extremely tall/large for his or her size.

Baby Sizes




2.5-4.1 kgs

0-3 Months

3.5-5.7 kgs

3-6 Months

5.7-7.7 kgs

6-9 Months

7.7-9.5 kgs

9-12 Months

9.5-11.3 kgs

12-18 Months

11.3-12.7 kgs

18-24 Months

12.7-13.6 kgs


Our newborn size is intended for 2.5- 4.1 kg babies, and fits quite accurately. Our 0-3 months size is intended for 3.5-5.7 kgs. And while definitely fit longer and be a little bit roomier than NB sizes, still offers a nice tailored fit in the torso and arms.

If you have other children who were born bigger than 4kg, or your doctor pointed out that your baby appears to be a big one, we would recommend going with size 0-3 months, as it will last longer than the newborn size. It's really a preference as to what you are hoping to use it for (immediate versus longer-term fit). :-)

Toddler/Children’s Sizes

Our toddler and Children’s sizes fit very true-to-age. We do not recommend sizing up unless your little one is extremely tall or big for his or her age.